Snake Plant Falling Over After Repotting- Answer and Solutions

Snake Plant Falling Over After Repotting

Key Takeaways: Introduction: Snake Plant Falling Over After Repotting Snake plants can become unstable and fall over after being repotted. This is a common issue faced by many plant owners. Repotting can disrupt the plant’s balance and cause it to topple over. To prevent this, choosing a pot that is the right size and weight … Read more

Why Are My Snake Plant Roots Orange? Answer + Solution

Snake Plant Roots Orange

Understanding Snake Plant Root Health: Key Indicators Snake plants, known scientifically as Sansevieria, are quite a resilient bunch. But even the sturdiest plants have their Achilles heel, and for these striped beauties, it often boils down to root health. Like the hidden support beams in a house, roots play a crucial role in the plant’s … Read more