Ornamental Pepper Varieties -Everything you need to know

Ornamental Pepper Varieties

Ornamental pepper varieties are an intriguing addition to any garden. These vibrant and colorful peppers provide aesthetic appeal and a unique twist to traditional ornamental plants. With their stunning range of colors and shapes, ornamental pepper varieties will grab attention and add visual interest to any landscape.

Their ability to combine beauty with functionality sets ornamental pepper varieties apart. While their vibrant colors and unique shapes make them popular for decorative purposes, they also have culinary value.

Many ornamental peppers are edible and can add a spicy kick to dishes. This dual-purpose nature makes them a versatile option for gardeners and food enthusiasts.

In addition to their unique appearance and culinary value, ornamental pepper varieties boast impressive resilience and adaptability.

These plants can thrive in various climates, making them suitable for global gardens. Whether in a hot and dry climate or a cooler region, an ornamental pepper variety can flourish in your garden.

To experience the beauty and versatility of ornamental pepper varieties, consider incorporating them into your garden. Whether you’re a gardening enthusiast looking to add visual interest or a food lover seeking a spicy twist to your dishes, these peppers are sure to impress. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your garden with these stunning and functional plants.

Key Takeaways:

  • Fish Peppers: Fish peppers are a unique ornamental pepper variety with variegated foliage and colorful fruits. They add visual interest to gardens and can be used in culinary dishes for a spicy kick.
  • Black Pearl Peppers: Black Pearl peppers are a beautiful ornamental variety with deep purple foliage and small black fruits. They are heat-loving plants that thrive in sunny locations and can be grown in containers or garden beds.
  • Candy Cane Sweet Pepper: The Candy Cane sweet pepper is a striking ornamental variety that features green and white striped fruits. Despite its vibrant appearance, it is a sweet pepper and can be enjoyed fresh or used in cooking.

Fish Peppers

Fish peppers

Fish Peppers, also known as Pimenta Ornatissima, is a unique variety of ornamental peppers. These peppers have distinct characteristics that set them apart from other varieties.

1. Visual Appeal: Fish Peppers are particularly striking due to their variegated foliage. The leaves showcase a combination of green and white, creating a beautiful display in any garden or landscaping project.

2. Culinary Uses: While primarily grown for their ornamental value, Fish Peppers are also edible. Their medium heat level makes them suitable for adding a spicy kick to various dishes, including sauces, salsas, and marinades.

3. Historical Significance: Fish Peppers have a rich history, with origins in the African American community of the Chesapeake Bay region. Traditionally, the peppers were used to season fish chowders and seafood dishes, earning them their unique name. These unique and visually appealing peppers make a bold statement in any garden or landscape. Their culinary versatility and historical significance make them an excellent choice for both practical use and aesthetic appeal.

Black Pearl Peppers

Black pearl peppers

Black Pearl Peppers, a captivating variety of ornamental peppers, showcases exceptional beauty and distinct characteristics. They boast a mesmerizing color palette, with vibrant red fruit complementing dark purple to black foliage.

These peppers can add a touch of elegance and allure to any garden or landscape.

Unlike other varieties, Black Pearl Peppers are visually appealing and edible. Although mildly to moderately spicy, they are still suitable for consumption.

These peppers can be grown in containers, beds, and borders, making them versatile in various gardening settings. Their compact size, reaching around 1 to 1.5 feet in height, allows for easy placement and management.

Excite your senses and elevate your garden’s aesthetics with the extraordinary Black Pearl Peppers. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to cultivate these fascinating plants and enjoy their stunning visual display and subtle spiciness. Unleash their unique beauty and add a touch of allure to your garden today!

Candy Cane Sweet Pepper

Candy cane peppers

The Candy Cane Sweet Pepper is a unique variety of ornamental pepper that boasts vibrant colors and a sweet flavor. Its striking striped appearance makes it popular for decorative and culinary purposes.

These peppers are ideal for adding a touch of visual appeal to any dish or garden arrangement. Allow the peppers to ripen fully on the plant to ensure the best taste before harvesting. Additionally, they can be grown in containers or garden beds, making them suitable for various gardening spaces.

Incorporating Candy Cane Sweet Peppers into your culinary creations can bring both color and flavor to your dishes. Their sweet taste pairs well with salads, stir-fries, and salsas, adding a delightful kick to your favorite recipes.

Fluorescent Purple

Fluorescent purple

Fluorescent Purple, a captivating ornamental pepper variety, adds vibrant color to any garden or landscape. With its eye-catching hue that resembles the glow of a fluorescent light, this unique plant is sure to be a focal point.

Fluorescent Purple peppers stand out with their compact and bushy shape, reaching a height of 12-18 inches with a spread of 10-12 inches. The dark green foliage contrasts with the vibrant purple pepper fruits, which mature to red. This variety is perfect for adding color to gardens, borders, or container gardens.

Incorporate Fluorescent Purple peppers into your landscape or garden to create an enchanting visual display. Don’t miss the opportunity to elevate your outdoor space with this stunning and unique ornamental pepper variety.

Jigsaw Peppers

Jigsaw peppers

Jigsaw Peppers, known for their unique appearance and vibrant colors, are a popular variety of ornamental peppers. These peppers are characterized by their puzzle-like patterns that resemble intricate jigsaw pieces. When selecting Jigsaw Peppers for your garden or decorative arrangements, it is essential to consider their different varieties, sizes, and color combinations.

Jigsaw Peppers offers a distinctive twist to any ornamental garden or centerpiece, making them a standout option for those seeking a visually appealing display. Their unique patterns and vibrant colors make them an excellent choice for adding flair and interest to any landscape.

Intriguingly, Jigsaw Peppers has a fascinating history. These peppers were initially cultivated for their ornamental value rather than culinary use. Over time, they gained popularity among gardeners and enthusiasts who appreciate their aesthetic appeal to gardens and decorative arrangements.

So, whether you are an avid gardener or a lover of eye-catching plants, Jigsaw Peppers are a fantastic choice to add visual interest, uniqueness, and vibrancy to your surroundings.


Ornamental peppers come in various stunning colors and shapes, making them a great choice for adding visual interest to gardens and landscapes. These peppers serve an ornamental purpose and have culinary uses, adding a unique flavor to dishes. With their vibrant hues and attractive foliage, ornamental peppers can create eye-catching displays in gardens and containers. They are known for their heat, which varies depending on the variety, making them a versatile option for adding spice to meals. Whether used as a decorative element or a flavorful ingredient, ornamental pepper varieties offer a range of options for gardeners and chefs alike.

A unique detail about ornamental peppers is that they are visually appealing and serve as a natural deterrent to pests in the garden. The capsaicin compound found in peppers is a natural repellent to insects and animals, making them a valuable addition to any garden. This added benefit makes ornamental peppers beautiful and practical for keeping unwanted pests at bay.

Five Facts About Ornamental Pepper Varieties:

  • ✅ Ornamental pepper varieties offer incredible variety in flavor, heat level, and plant characteristics.
  • ✅ Ornamental pepper plants can have purple or black foliage, variegated leaves, and colorful fruits, making them visually appealing.
  • ✅ Some ornamental pepper varieties, like the fish pepper, have variegated leaves and fruits that ripen from striped green and white colors to deep reds.
  • ✅ The black pearl pepper plant has dark purple foliage and very dark fruits that ripen to a deep red, adding a stunning contrast to a garden.
  • ✅ The candy cane sweet pepper is an ornamental variety that produces sweet, non-spicy fruits and has streaks of white in its foliage.

FAQs About Ornamental Pepper Varieties

Q: What ornamental pepper varieties can be grown in a home garden?

A: Some ornamental pepper varieties that can be grown in a home garden include Fish Peppers, Black Pearl Peppers, Candy Cane Sweet Peppers, Fluorescent Purple Peppers, and Jigsaw Peppers.

Q: What are the characteristics of ornamental pepper plants?

A: Ornamental pepper plants are typically smaller and have unique or beautiful visual characteristics. They can have variegated leaves, colorful fruits, and even black foliage. They are grown for their garden appeal rather than their edible fruits, although all ornamental peppers are safe to eat.

Q: Can ornamental pepper plants be used for edible landscaping?

A: Yes, ornamental pepper plants can be used for edible landscaping. While they are primarily grown for their visual appeal, they also produce useful fruits that can be used to spice up your cooking.

Q: What is the back story of the Fish Pepper variety?

A: The Fish Pepper variety has an amazing back story and was almost lost to lack of cultivation. However, the plant variety was saved and continues to be grown today. It is known for its variegated leaves and beautifully colored fruits that ripen from a striped green and white coloration to deep red.

Q: What are the characteristics of Black Pearl Peppers?

A: Black Pearl Peppers have jet-black foliage, dark purple fruits, and bright purple flowers. They are rich in anthocyanins and purple pigments in many foods. The edible fruits have a surprising sweetness and are pretty spicy. Black Pearl Peppers are perfect for adding a dark hue to offset the colors of other plants in a flower garden.

Q: Can Candy Cane Sweet Peppers be eaten?

A: Yes, Candy Cane Sweet Peppers can be eaten. Unlike most ornamental peppers with spicy fruits, the candy cane pepper produces sweet, non-spicy fruits. It can be enjoyed both in the ornamental sun and kitchen gardens.

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